Meat processing company Duslyk

The main activity of the company is the production and sale of sausage products, meat delicacies and Halal semi-finished products.

The company is equipped with modern foreign-made equipment, all processes are automated. For all the time of the existence of the DUSLYK, there has been a program of updating and expanding the production capacities of the enterprise, which allows updating the range of products, improving its quality, as well as improving working conditions.

To date, the meat processing enterprise Duslyk produces more than 200 items of sausage products, meat delicacies and semi-finished products. The entire production process is carefully and strictly controlled, which guarantees quality and compliance with the norms of Islam.

Meat processing company Salamat

SALAMAT is a new brand created by the DUSLYK meat processing enterprise for the production of premium Halal sausage and meat products. The products of this line are manufactured at a new site using modern equipment. The product of the new brand is the result of the painstaking work of the company’s specialists using extensive experience, special technologies developed over the years. The products are of high quality and unique taste and meet the criteria and norms of Islam.


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We are happy to provide our products for sale in:

  • Retail grocery and stores
  • Wholesale bases
  • Retail outlets (fast food and exhibitions)
  • HoReCa
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What is Halal?

Halal (translated from Arabic — permitted) – «everything that is allowed and permissible in Islam.» The word «halal» has a broad meaning, but, basically, this concept refers to food. Halal meat products do not contain pork and its components. The slaughter of the animal is carried out in accordance with the norms of Islam. In addition, you can not eat meat of animals that died from suffocation or injury, as well as meat of unknown origin and animal blood.

Halal products are eaten by people of any nationality and religion. In the world community, in particular in Russia, healthy food is becoming increasingly important. Against this background, Halal products become relevant, as products prepared naturally. Manufacturers emphasize that these are not only products of religious significance, but also products that meet modern environmental requirements.